Marina Sirtis Weight

How Much Does Marina Sirtis Weigh?

Marina Sirtis weighs close to 120 pounds.


How Tall is Marina Sirtis?

Marina Sirtis is approximately 5’3” in height.


What is Marina Sirtis’ Bra Size?

Marina’s bra size is a 34C.

About Marina Sirtis’ weight:

Marina Sirtis is famous for her role in Star Trek. She is now in her 50s and looks fabulous! Besides working in American films, she also has a history in working in British television shows. In 2011, Marina also guest starred in Grey’s Anatomy.

How does she keep her body looking so good? Marina loves to eat foods which are over the top, but she does not overdo it. She loves foods which are rich in layered flavors for the palate. The food cannot be boring, or she will run from it. When eating nice, flavorful, rich foods – she allows herself to savor the flavors without eating way beyond her calorie limit. She is very cautious in her eating style, yet keeps it fun.

Greek foods are one her favorites, since she is of Greek descent. It is part of her life and she takes it with pride. Marina grew up with an eating disorder and sought therapy at a very young age. As a child, she was very unhappy in her life. Now that she has overcome her issues, she looks at life totally different now. Her lifestyle is much healthier and it has meaning to her existence.

Marina has overcome bulimia and you can to. If you have problems in your life with bulimia, seek assistance right away. There is help available and you can win over the fight with food. Marina has overcome, and so can you! If you need help, contact your physician today!

You can learn to eat foods in their proper context, just like Marina did. When she realized just how pretty and smart she was, her life was changed. She learned to see herself as she really is – and love herself in this way.

Once her self-view was in check, she looked at her eating in the proper way. Eating is a way to give the body food when it is needed. The body does not need extra food and will put on the weight, if eating is beyond natural limits for the body. Marina eats out of the need for survival for the body, and not out of the need of emotions from the past.

If you are in your late 40s and 50s, there is still time to get into shape and eat right. Every change made now will affect tomorrow and years to come. If you are ready to look great like Marina, you can take steps to eat healthier and get into shape!


Justin Bieber Weight

How Much Does Justin Bieber Weigh?

Justin Bieber weighs close to 125 pounds.


How Tall is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is approximately 5’5” in height.

About Justin Bieber’s weight:

Justin Bieber is young and full of energy! He weighs in at around 125 pounds. His name is known from one household to another! The young girls love his charm, his voice, and his body!

So, does Justin Bieber follow a diet plan? As any teenager, it is pretty sure that he loves to eat out and snack like any other person his age. Since he is so young, he probably does not have to even think about the calories he is consuming for his body. We have heard that he likes to snack on nuts and gummies.

How should Justin’s diet look? His diet should be one which is balanced with protein, veggies, fruits, and milk. Fat consumption for him can be low to moderate for his age. Eating three to six meals per day is a plus along with some snacks to help him in his daily work and performance schedule.

Although Justin is very popular, it has not been discussed much about his eating routines. Very little information is available in this aspect. We have heard recently that he is using a trainer to help him increase his muscles.

Using trainers are a great way to gain the advice and guidance needed to increase muscle mass, and eat right for the body. His trainer is more than likely giving Justin direction in following a higher protein diet while attending regular training sessions each week. More than likely, he is working out for at least 4-5 times each week.

Sweets and high fat fast food meals will become a past time favorite. Replacing these with higher protein choices which are beneficial to building the body is becoming a top priority. Although, Justin Bieber is on the road part of the year, he still has the ability to fulfill his desires to gain six-pack abs and a ripped body!

Lamar Odom Weight

How Much Does Lamar Odom Weigh?

Lamar Odom weighs close to 235 pounds.


How Tall is Lamar Odom?

Lamar Odom is approximately 6’11” in height.


About Lamar Odom’s weight:

Lamar Odom is one of the most famous male athletes. He loves to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and plays HARD! Lamar weighs in at around 235 pounds and is nearly seven foot tall. He has even recently begun endorsing Pistachios through television commercials.

What about Lamar’s healthy eating lifestyle? Rumor has it that he loves to eat gummy bears and small candy bars throughout the day. Carrying a very busy play and workout schedule allows him to eat junk food without it really affecting him. The majority of the people could not afford this luxury without gaining the pounds.

To stay healthy, the best choice for athletes is to eat a higher protein diet. Many athletes will drink protein supplement shakes in addition to their normal eating routine. Protein allows the body to repair itself; this is definitely needed when playing any type of sports on a regular basis.

Following a higher protein diet will allow the body to decrease in fat stores. It also allows the body to function much better when needed. This is extremely important in an athlete’s life. Eating right and staying in shape is a MUST!

As far as working out, Lamar Odom has regular basketball practice in addition to hitting the gym. Exercising is a daily part of his life and important to his athletic functioning. Exercise allows the body to burn calories consumed while giving the body the high levels of oxygen needed. For Lamar, this routine keeps him GOING day in and day out!

Hugh Jackman Weight

How Much Does Hugh Jackman Weigh?

Hugh Jackman weighs close to 190 pounds.


How Tall is Hugh Jackman?

Hugh Jackman is approximately 6’3” in height.

About Hugh Jackman weight:

Hugh Jackman is popular for his major roles in Wolverine and Real Steel. When you look at his body, he is looking good. Better than that – he is looking GREAT!

How does Hugh Jackman keep his body in the shape it is through such a tough work schedule? Well, first of all Hugh is dedicated to what he loves. He loves to play his roles to the best of his ability. He LOVES to look GREAT in these roles as well.

Through many recent movie roles, Hugh Jackman has undergone an intensive exercise routine along with following a body builder’s diet. While working on his consistent exercise routine, he has three main focuses: muscle accumulating, muscle strengthening, and fat losses.

What about the main focus of his diet? Well, the biggest focus is eating higher protein foods with lower carbohydrate intake. This in effect will strip the body of stored fats while allowing Hugh to gain the muscle needed for his movie shoots. This form of dieting also allows the body to have needed energy reserves for long days of working and following his routine.

Most body builder diets will follow this general rule: 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat intake. The small amount of fat is needed by the body to function properly. The proteins and carbs are balanced giving the ability for the body to gain muscle bulk while having energy.

As the intensity of working out changes, the percentage of protein versus carbs can be modified. For example, during several weeks of training the carb percentage may be only 30% which means the protein percentage will be modified to 50%. Fat intake will normally remain at the 20% level when following a body building routine.

Are you ready to start looking like Hugh Jackman? Then, follow his diligence and his inspiration to do what it takes to become a GREAT looking man! The ladies will be sure to notice the change in your body when you follow the body building plan consistently!