Lamar Odom Weight

How Much Does Lamar Odom Weigh?

Lamar Odom weighs close to 235 pounds.


How Tall is Lamar Odom?

Lamar Odom is approximately 6’11” in height.


About Lamar Odom’s weight:

Lamar Odom is one of the most famous male athletes. He loves to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and plays HARD! Lamar weighs in at around 235 pounds and is nearly seven foot tall. He has even recently begun endorsing Pistachios through television commercials.

What about Lamar’s healthy eating lifestyle? Rumor has it that he loves to eat gummy bears and small candy bars throughout the day. Carrying a very busy play and workout schedule allows him to eat junk food without it really affecting him. The majority of the people could not afford this luxury without gaining the pounds.

To stay healthy, the best choice for athletes is to eat a higher protein diet. Many athletes will drink protein supplement shakes in addition to their normal eating routine. Protein allows the body to repair itself; this is definitely needed when playing any type of sports on a regular basis.

Following a higher protein diet will allow the body to decrease in fat stores. It also allows the body to function much better when needed. This is extremely important in an athlete’s life. Eating right and staying in shape is a MUST!

As far as working out, Lamar Odom has regular basketball practice in addition to hitting the gym. Exercising is a daily part of his life and important to his athletic functioning. Exercise allows the body to burn calories consumed while giving the body the high levels of oxygen needed. For Lamar, this routine keeps him GOING day in and day out!

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