Paula Patton Weight

Paula Patton

How Much Does Paula Patton Weigh?

Paula Patton weighs close to 120 pounds.


How Tall is Paula Patton?

Paula Patton is approximately 5’4” in height.


What is Paula’s Bra Size?

Paula’s bra size is a 32A.

About Paula Patton’s weight:

Paula Patton is a young American actress known for her roles in the following productions: Jumping the Broom, Déjà vu, Hitch, Mission Impossible, Just Wright, as well as Precious. Paula is in her late thirties and she has also helped with the production of Medical Diaries. Paula is also known for doing some female vocals with her husband, Robin Thicke. Paula has also been nominated for a variety of awards in the past eight years.

Paula weighs in at around 120 pounds which is great for her age. She is still pretty young and probably does not have to really “worry” about her weight too much. As a celebrity, she realizes that she should make good choices and not take in too many calories for her body. Being in the spotlight on television tends to make you look heavier than you really are.

Following a healthy diet includes eating enough fruits and veggies. It also means staying away from empty calories and junk foods. Drinking plenty of water is also important to give the body plenty of fluid intakes without added sugars.

Exercise is not a part of Paula’s life too much as far as we have gathered. It does not appear from her photo that she spends time at the gym doing weight training. Exercise is good for the body and the heart. It allows the body to function better and gain new energies.

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Jon Cryer Weight

Jon Cryer

How Much Does Jon Cryer Weigh?

Jon Cryer weighs close to 155 pounds.


How Tall is Jon Cryer?

Jon Cryer is approximately 5’8” in height.

About Jon Cryer’s weight:

Jon Cryer is an American actor who is also involved in screenwriting as well as production of films. He is famous for playing in the following: No Small Affair, Pretty in Pink, Two and a Half Men, Tortured, as well as Due Date.
Jon Cryer does well with keeping his weight at a healthy range. He is very active in his career and raising a family. Not much is known about his personal life, but we do know that he weighs around 155 pounds. His weight fluctuates some by around five pounds.

Eating right is good for the body and helps to fight disease and illness. Each individual needs certain vitamins and minerals each day for the most optimal health. The body fights off viruses and disease on a daily basis, so why not give the body what it needs every single day.

It does not appear that Jon Cryer does a lot of weight lifting. He does seem to take some time to exercise, but in our opinion, he focuses more on his eating plan. He enjoys taking time with the family and sitting down at dinner time. Through the day, snacks keep Jon Cryer feeling good and it gives him some extra energy when needed.

Men can benefit from running on a regular basis as well as doing some form of weight training. By doing so, the muscles of the body will stay firm while increasing in age. Taking supplements is also important especially if the diet does not contain all the nutrients needed.

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Michael J. Fox Weight

arrives at the  Primetime Creative Emmys 2012

How Much Does Michael J. Fox Weigh?

Michael J. Fox weighs close to 125 pounds.


How Tall is Michael J. Fox?

Michael J. Fox is approximately 5’4” in height.

About Michael J. Fox’s weight:

Michael J. Fox is known for his roles in American movies including Family Ties, Back to the Future, Doc Hollywood, as well as Casualties of War. He is an actor, producer, as well as an author. Fox has suffered from and helped to raise funds for Parkinson’s disease.

Through Michael’s life, he has had many ups and downs. He has had to make many lifestyle changes and wishes to spend as much time as possible with his family. He is still acting part time, but has placed much focus on being with his wife and children.

Eating right will help Michael to feel better during this time in his life. Diet does not affect his disease in any way, but it is important for the body in general. Eating a diet with sufficient fiber is helpful in keeping the body regulated properly.

Fiber in the diet can come in eating grains, fruits, and veggies on a regular basis. Eating foods in their purest state is always best. By doing so, there is usually an increase in mental clarity and thinking.

What about exercise for Michael J. Fox? For people with Parkinson’s disease, exercise is usually limited due to the changes in the body. As long as the individual can tolerate an exercise program it can be very helpful with improving mobility.
Walking at least forty-five minutes each day is a common goal for Parkinson’s patients who are able to do so. This is usually done very soon after medications have been taken so that they can gain the largest benefits.

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Serena Williams Weight

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party 2012

How Much Does Serena Williams Weigh?

Serena Williams weighs close to 150 pounds.


How Tall is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams is approximately 5’9” in height.


What is Serena Williams Bra Size?

Serena’s bra size is a 36B.

About Serena Williams’ weight:

Serena Williams is famous for her professional career as a tennis player. She has been ranked as number one in the world many years ago. She is a strong athlete and is known to be one of the most talented and famous tennis players. Currently, Serena has just entered into her thirties.

We know that Serena loves to play tennis on a regular basis. To be the top of her game she has to stay fit and keep exercise as well as diet in the front of her life. It is a daily decision in what she will eat for the day as well as how many hours she will spend training and exercising.

Serena Williams has also earned the gold medal at three different Olympics on the United States Team. This takes much dedication and effort on her part year round to keep her weight down.

Do you desire to lose weight? Then, choose to be dedicated to the goal every day. If you make a mistake then you can get back up and begin again. Just as Serena has had to overcome injuries in her career – she is still determined to win.
What do you need to do differently in your life? Do you need to lose thirty, forty, or even fifty pounds?

Do you enjoy watching Serena play tennis? Are you amazed at how powerful she is in the sport?

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