Jon Cryer Weight

Jon Cryer

How Much Does Jon Cryer Weigh?

Jon Cryer weighs close to 155 pounds.


How Tall is Jon Cryer?

Jon Cryer is approximately 5’8” in height.

About Jon Cryer’s weight:

Jon Cryer is an American actor who is also involved in screenwriting as well as production of films. He is famous for playing in the following: No Small Affair, Pretty in Pink, Two and a Half Men, Tortured, as well as Due Date.
Jon Cryer does well with keeping his weight at a healthy range. He is very active in his career and raising a family. Not much is known about his personal life, but we do know that he weighs around 155 pounds. His weight fluctuates some by around five pounds.

Eating right is good for the body and helps to fight disease and illness. Each individual needs certain vitamins and minerals each day for the most optimal health. The body fights off viruses and disease on a daily basis, so why not give the body what it needs every single day.

It does not appear that Jon Cryer does a lot of weight lifting. He does seem to take some time to exercise, but in our opinion, he focuses more on his eating plan. He enjoys taking time with the family and sitting down at dinner time. Through the day, snacks keep Jon Cryer feeling good and it gives him some extra energy when needed.

Men can benefit from running on a regular basis as well as doing some form of weight training. By doing so, the muscles of the body will stay firm while increasing in age. Taking supplements is also important especially if the diet does not contain all the nutrients needed.

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