Vincent D’Onofrio Weight

Vincent D'Onofrio

How Much Does Vincent D’Onofrio Weigh?

Vincent D’Onofrio weighs close to 195 pounds.


How Tall is Vincent D’Onofrio?

Vincent D’Onofrio is approximately 6’2” in height.


About Vincent D’Onofrio’s weight:

Vincent D’Onofrio is famous for his role in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He has played other roles in television as well as films. His career also includes producing, directing, and writing. He is also a singer. Some of Vincent’s appearances include Household Saints, The Whole Wide World, Men in Black, The Cell, Chained, Sinister, Pawn Shop Chronicles, and Escape Plan.

Italian food is a must in Vincent’s life as he has grown up in an Italian family. Foods may be a downfall for D’Orofrio as he has been somewhat overweight for some time in his life. He does not appear to take the time, nor have the time with his rigorous schedule, to exercise.

Taking the time to jog, work out, and enjoy other sports would be very beneficial to Vincent. He is so busy in his schedule, he has been known to push his health to the limit. Slowing down to take care of himself would be a major bonus in his life.

Do you enjoy watching Vincent D’Onofrio on CSI: Criminal Intent? Do you notice he looks like he is tired in most of the series? How do you feel he could make changes to improve his weight and his health overall? Please leave your weight related comments here on Celebrity Weigh In!

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