Shoshanna Lonstein Weight

shoshanna lonstein
How Much Does Shoshanna Lonstein Weigh?

Shoshanna Lonstein weighs about 135 pounds.

How Tall is Shoshanna Lonstein?

Shoshanna Lonstein is 5’2” in height.

What is Shoshanna Lonstein’s Bra Size?

Shoshanna’s bra size is approximately 36D.

About Shoshanna Lonstein’s weight:

Shoshanna Lonstein is the fashion designer from Manhattan, New York who stands as the founder of the popular fashion brand Shoshanna. In 1998, she originated the brand and acts as its creative director. The designer attained double bachelors’ degree in history and art history before starting to explore the fashion world starting from the bottom of ground level, employed at an underclothing factory.

Shoshanna’s career took an impressive take off with the launch of her swimwear collection in early 2001. The assortment was the 1st to be presented selling as separates with lingerie brilliant sizing. Sometime in the year 2005, she announced another groundbreaking concept, the Baby Girl line of children’s swimwear. She was announced the first-ever Style Director of Elizabeth Arden, Inc. in the year 2013. The American fashion tycoon also made a number of television appearances.

According to Shoshanna, since her early days, she has been ‘tremendous top-heavy, with a slender bottom’. She is very cautious about her nourishment consumption. She severely avoids junk food items and processed foods. At the same time, the 39 year old fashion designer ensures that her body receives sufficient calories to provide her the energy for her daily hard work.

Shoshanna used to take part in athletic events in her university days. At this time, she maintains the equivalent athletic spirit. The most favorite among her workout stuff is kickboxing. She does it almost every day. She also does a good bit of weight exercises to add to her regime. She is very sincere on her workout and doesn’t let herself bring irregularity to the forefront.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.

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