Randy Couture Weight

Randy Couture

How Much Does Randy Couture Weigh?

Randy Couture weighs about 205 pounds.


How Tall is Randy Couture?

Randy Couture is 6’1” in height.


About Randy Couture’s weight:

Whether you know him as Randy Couture, or by his birth name Randy Duane Couture, or by his other names like The Natural, The Handy or Captain America, he is truly a wrestling legend. The Hall of Fame member of Ultimate Fighting Championship, or in short UFC, holds a number of records including the most title supremacies in the UFC, the maximum title fights competed by a solitary UFC wrestler and the oldest UFC title holder ever.

Apart from wrestling, Randy has also led himself to the world of acting. He starred in a number of movies including three installments of The Expendables series, Hijacked, The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior. He made a cameo appearance on the CBS show The Unit’s season finale. Paired with Karina Smirnoff, Randy appeared in Dancing with the Stars Season 19 as a contestant couple.

As a former professional wrestler, Randy doesn’t restrict his calorie intake to stay fit. He believes eating well is the key to living healthy. Conversely, in order to minimalize body acidity levels and trim down muscle pain, he refrains from consuming many dairy products, various sugars, alcohol-based and caffeinated drinks. He also tries to consume more of a variety of green vegetables. He also eats a large amount of meat within his daily eating routine.

The 51 year old celebrity hasn’t left out his workout habit after pulling curtains to his fourteen year long professional wrestling career. He does a large diversity of cardio practices as well as weight lifting exercises on every five or six days in a week. He, sometimes, sets off for a couple and half hours of running in the hills of Nevada for a change of pace. Randy’s workout sessions have always been a blend of intelligent decision making processes to avoid injuries and bring out the best along with hard work along with dedication.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on Flickr.com with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.

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