Shakira Weight

How Much Does Shakira Weigh?

Shakira weighs close to 125 pounds.


How Tall is Shakira?

Shakira is approximately 5’2” in height.


What is Shakira’s Bra Size?

Shakira’s bra size is a 32B.

About Shakira’s weight:

Shakira is looking better every day. Most people know her by her nice curves and “hot” body. She loves to show her body off making moves, swinging the hips, while giving of her awesome vocal abilities.

Who says that you can’t be barely over five feet tall and not look good? Shakira shows the world that anything is possible in the area of holding a fabulous body!

Recently, in her new videos it appears that she has been working on gaining an even slimmer, sexier body, again. She appears to be slimming down in the face and the body line. She is more toned in her muscles and looks even more fabulous!

So, how is she doing this? Are you curious to know? Shakira follows a plan nearly every day of the week. She allows herself one day out of each week to eat what she wants. The other days of the week, she is committed to make change in her life.

During her previous weight loss adventures, Shakira would eat a very strict food plan which only included mainly three food items. This included fish, spinach and tofu. She really stressed her body and was at times in tears craving foods.

Shakira now works with a trainer who is helping her to lose additional weight and shape her body up. She is allowed to eat fresh fruits and veggies. Her daily diet plan also includes adding lean proteins.

What foods does Shakira avoid? Well, like many of us who are on a dietary plan – Shakira avoids junk foods and sweets. Although, she is a real chocolate lover – she rarely allows herself the pleasure through her week. On her special one day to eat what she desires, she allows herself a small pleasure at times.

What does Shakira do for exercise? We all know that she enjoys dancing along with her singing career! She works with a trainer and has a work out plan which is best for her body. She works to tone her muscles through weight training. To prevent boredom for her body, she will shake it up – by adding a new routine every 7-10 days. She also adds an abdominal program which gives her a great looking midsection!


Sofia Vergara Weight

How Much Does Sofia Vergara Weigh?

Sofia Vergara weighs close to 135 pounds.


How Tall is Sofia Vergara?

Sofia Vergara is approximately 5’7” in height.


What is Sofia Vergara’s Bra Size?

Sofia’s bra size is a 36DD.

About Sofia Vergara’s weight:

Sofia Vergara has a wonderful physique which many women desire. Although she wears a bra size of 36DD, her body looks great! This Hollywood star has the curves and makes many heads turn!

Do you hate to work out? Well, the same is true for Sofia. She does not like to work out – she actually hates it. She works on the set from the wee hours in the morning until late in the evening on many days. Work takes place mostly through the week and sometimes into her weekends.

When Sofia Vergara has the time, she loves to dance. This is especially true of Latin dancing. It allows her down time to have fun and enjoy herself. If she does take the time to work out, this will normally occur on her weekend days.

Sofia desires to stay healthy and look as good as possible. It is hard to believe that she is 40! She actually looks much younger than her age. She feels wonderful and does not really like to cook. She does however make healthy food choices.

Are you making healthy food selections? Do you steer clear of the fast foods available around you? Do you get enough fruits and veggies in your diet? What healthy changes do you need to make?

What about working out? Do you find things you enjoy doing, like Latin dancing, to burn some calories? Your exercise routine does not have to be boring to begin looking good! Find something like Sofia which is enjoyable, yet challenging to your cardio system.

Are you ready to start feeling as good as Sofia does? Then, start making some changes in your life. Life should be enjoyable and not sabotaged by bad food choices as well as hefty pounds on the body! Start working on looking as good as Sofia Vergara does!

Jessica Alba Weight

How Much Does Jessica Alba Weigh?

Jessica Alba weighs close to 120 pounds.


How Tall is Jessica Alba?

Jessica is approximately 5’5” in height.


What is Jessica Alba Bra Size?

Jessica’s bra size is a 34C.

About Jessica Alba’s weight:

Jessica Alba is a beautiful person which is also very talented. She leads a nice and glorious lifestyle. For her height, her weight is near perfect. When taking a look at Jessica, she appears to have the perfect body shape, too.

So, what is Jessica Alba’s secret to keeping her weight at such? Hollywood rumors have it that she likes to follow a higher protein diet which is lower in fats and carbohydrates. Instead of eating just any kind of protein, she chooses the leanest of meats for her diet. By doing this, she is also watching her fat intake.  Typically, lower fat cuts of meat will include chicken breasts, various types of fish, as well as healthy sushi creations.

Jessica Alba is like any other American. She loves to eat out of her diet at times and will indulge herself. These times are few and far between – knowing that she has fans who are watching her every public moment. She may decide to eat a sweetbread upon occasion, but normally will eat fresh fruits to cut the sweet cravings.

During Jessica’s pregnancy, she continued eating very healthy and was very watchful of her food intake. She wanted to make sure she only gained the amount of weight she needed to gain. Oftentimes, she would only eat fruits, veggies, and very lean meats.

Even after having children, Jessica has stuck to a routine which is healthy and works. In the past, she has also used a trainer to help her during her after-pregnancy time of losing weight. After her last child, she quickly returned to her pre-pregnancy weight. Her training sessions included cardiovascular workouts as well as muscle training. She has been known to spend long hours at the gym to ensure her body stays in great shape.

Are you ready to get into shape? Take some of the tips which we found have been very successful for Jessica Alba and make your way to a better you!

Angelina Jolie Weight

How Much Does Angelina Jolie Weigh?

Angelina Jolie weighs close to 130 pounds.


How Tall is Angelina Jolie?

Angelina is approximately 5’9” in height.


What is Angelina Jolie’s Bra Size?

Angelina’s bra size is a 36C.

About Angelina Jolie’s weight:

Angelina Jolie is a popular American actress and is involved in directing movies. Over the last few years, she has achieved many things including an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. She is a very busy woman who is also involved in working with refugees.

Angelina is one of the world’s most beautiful women and she has gained much publicity in this fact. So, how does she keep her weight? It seems her body is near perfect and many desire to know how she does it.

To some people, her weight losses have been a concern. At times, many in the public thought she was a little on the thin side, possibly suffering from anorexia.

When living a healthy lifestyle in eating and maintaining her weight, Angelina has used a cleansing diet for her body. This includes drinking fresh fruit juices and veggie juices along with consuming cleansing teas. Special soups are also allowed during this time of “dieting” in her life.

This famous diet (among Hollywood stars) has helped many to lose weight quickly. For some, this can be dangerous for the body. This is true if you allow your body this routine for extended periods of time.

How can you eat healthy and lose weight? Fruits and veggies are excellent for the body. Truly, it should be balanced with a small amount of carbs each day as well as protein. This can come in the form of protein bars, lean meats, and protein shakes.

Balance is the key to success. Anyone can become at a healthy weight. For some, more work is needed along the way. Setting weight loss goals in your life will help you to achieve success. Just as Angelina set her goals in sight and made changes to bring about her desired weight losses! You can balance your diet and exercise routine and look nice, just like Angelina!