Nick Cave Weight

Nick Cave

How Much Does Nick Cave Weigh?

Nick Cave weighs about 200 pounds.


How Tall is Nick Cave?

Nick Cave is 6’2” in height.


About Nick Cave’s weight:

Nick Cave is the name of an Australian musical and literary genius, who’s written, composed, played and sang songs along with writing books and screenplays. The celebrity with the birth name Nicholas Edward Cave has also done acting sporadically. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds was one of the most popular rock bands of 1980s. Nick can play a variety of musical instruments including guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, harmonica and organ.

Nick has received three individual honorary doctorates from the Monash University, the University of Dundee and the University of Brighton. He’s bagged a number of awards for his singing including MOJO Awards and ARIA Awards with a Q Classic Songwriter Award as a lyricist. His book ‘And the Ass Saw the Angel’ received Book of The Year honor from Time Out Magazine and his script of the movie. The Proposition received a Gucci Award.

Like most other rock band artist of his time, Nick was addicted to drugs. But his deep love for his wife Susie Bick helped him on his way to give up drugs. He’s also given up alcohol and is in a process of giving up smoking too. He’s also taken up healthier diet plans avoiding junk food strictly and a reason is the same, his wife, Susie!

In one of his songs, Nick sings ‘I’m tall, I am thin, of an enviable height’ and that was, is and perhaps always will be true for this musical legend! The 57 year old star hasn’t ever appeared even a little more than skinny. One might think he doesn’t need exercises but he does a little cardio stuff on a regular basis to stay able-bodied.

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Molly Shannon Weight

Molly Shannon

How Much Does Molly Shannon Weigh?

Molly Shannon weighs about 125 pounds.


How Tall is Molly Shannon?

Molly Shannon is 5’5” in height.


What is Molly Shannon’s Bra Size?

Molly’s bra size is approximately 34B.

About Molly Shannon’s weight:

Molly Helen Shannon, or in short Molly Shannon, is an American comic queen born in 16 September, 1964 to Mary Margaret, a teacher and James Francis Shannon, a sales manager. She is best known as a cast of Saturday Night Live for six long years after her debut in the show in 1995. The actress from Shaker Heights, Ohio made a number of supporting role appearances in a number of movies including Superstar and Year of the Dog.

Molly’s recent ventures include the role of Maxine in Raising Hope and Geenie Slocum in Life After Beth. She also features in the 2015 release Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. She bagged a couple of nominations in prestigious Primetime Emmy Award and Critics’ Choice Television Award.

In spite of the fact that she endorses diet food products, Molly claims she isn’t uncompromising about her food consumption. She consumes fruits and yogurt as the opening meal of her day. Eggs and corned beef hash comprise her lunch set of choices. At dinner, she enjoys eating organic chicken fingers, French fries and ears of corn showered with pepper and cheese. She is reported to love this corn recipe so much that she had been eating it instead of going to the hospital during labor.

In her youth, Molly loved playing soccer and used to do so almost regularly. But the fifty plus year old actress, most importantly mother of two, can no longer afford that in her busy schedule. However, she tends to run two to three sixth of an hour daily. She has great confidence in running as it is helpful to a great extent to remain stress-free and sleep well.

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Jonathan Lethem Weight

Jonathan Lethem

How Much Does Jonathan Lethem Weigh?

Jonathan Lethem weighs about 185 pounds.


How Tall is Jonathan Lethem?

Jonathan Lethem is 5’9” in height.


About Jonathan Lethem’s weight:

Jonathan Allen Lethem, or in short Jonathan Lethem, is one of the prominent American writers of today who is known as a ‘genre bender’. He has written novels, short stories and essays. His mother, Judith Frank Lethem, was a political activist and his father, Richard Brown Lethem, was a painter. Jonathan’s first novel was published in 1994 followed by eight more till today.

Jonathan’s first major breakthrough was his novel Motherless Brooklyn of 1999 which brought him a National Book Critics Circle Award. His novel of 2003, The Fortress of Solitude, proved to be a New York Times Best Seller. He bagged the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in the year 2005.

If you’ve looked at Jonathan’s photos of different years, you can see how irregularly he has gained or lost weight through time. A photo of the year would suggest him as somewhat heavy, while that of the next year would suggest him as of a balanced weight and again the next year bulky! He is one of those celebrities who struggle with maintaining discipline in life in the area of diet and exercise.

The major cause of such indiscipline and irregularity is that he tends to be lost in his world when he’s writing. We don’t know much about his diet and workout routine other than the fact that he is not a fitness freak to consider these health activities at first place.

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Johnny Lewis Weight

Johnny Lewis

How Much Does Johnny Lewis Weigh?

Johnny Lewis weighs about 160 pounds.


How Tall is Johnny Lewis?

Johnny Lewis is 6’1” in height.


About Johnny Lewis’ weight:

Jonathan Kendrick Lewis, or in short Johnny Lewis, was a promising American television and movie actor who, according to his most striking television series Sons of Anarchy’s creator Kurt Sutter, had ‘unfortunately lost his way’. At the age of 28, he died by an accidental fall just after allegedly killing his eighty one year old landlady.

In the twelve years of his active career, Johnny’s most popular performance was in the role of Kip ‘Half-Sack’ Epps in season one and two of the FX series Sons of Anarchy. Lewis also successfully made it to the big-screens with supporting roles in the movies Underclassman, Requiem installment of Aliens vs. Predator and The Runaways.

Since his break up in 2010 with Diane Marshall-Green, of which he had a daughter with, days went progressively worse to worst for Johnny. He was thrice arrested by the cops for a variety of accusations. He also had a bike accident which his father believes to be the reason of his mental degradation. Johnny’s addiction to drugs had caused him a frequent collapse in health.

Johnny was never a very passionate fellow to diet and workout. He had almost always been disinclined towards discipline in life for which he had to pay the price in the end. Nowadays he has turned out to be a textbook example of how dreadful the consequences of drug addiction and obliviousness to discipline in life are! A star that could have shined times brighter perished prematurely!

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.