Joe Klein Weight

Joe Klein
How Much Does Joe Klein Weigh?

Joe Klein weighs about 210 pounds.

How Tall is Joe Klein?

Joe Klein is 5’11” in height.

About Joe Klein weight:

Joe Klein is one of the most celebrated journalists and columnists today in the United States. The political columnist for ‘Time’ magazine is a former Guggenheim Fellow and a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations. A good number of his articles and book reviews have been published in a number of newspapers as well as magazines including The New York Times, the popular Washington Post and the notable Rolling Stone.

Joe has written a number of books of which a novel named Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics conquered the first place on the New York Times bestseller list and retained the position for nine weeks. Among the many accomplishments in his career, Peter Kihss Award and National Headliner Award are most noteworthy.

The 68 year old media personality hasn’t ever talked about fitness, and actually he might have never been asked about it! As far as we know, he isn’t one of those who maintain strict diet plan or even a diet plan at all, in spite of the fact that his current wife, a swimsuit designer named Victoria Kaunitz, is a fitness freak. Joe hasn’t ever been found drinking or smoking in the public.

We also don’t know if Joe does any workout or not, but what it seems from his shape is that he isn’t a gym guy at all. He hasn’t also been found having a walk or jogging around a park from what we can gather. It seems that the celebrity is 10-15 pounds over-weight and should do some regular workout, at least cardio ones, so that we can all see him live healthier, breathe more and provide us more of his impressive work!

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Jack Dorsey Weight

Jack Dorsey

How Much Does Jack Dorsey Weigh?

Jack Dorsey weighs about 175 pounds.

How Tall is Jack Dorsey?

Jack Dorsey is 5’11” in height.

About Jack Dorsey’s weight:

Jack Dorsey, the son of Marcia Smith and Tim Dorsey, is one of the most celebrated young entrepreneurs of today. He is the co-founder and co-creator of one of the world’s largest and most popular social networking websites Twitter. He was the CEO of Twitter from its birth to October, 2008. Today, he stands as the Executive Chairman of Twitter.

Dorsey is also the founder and CEO of Square, a platform to accept debit and credit card payments on a mobile phones. The drop-out from Missouri University of Science and Technology and New York University is made it to MIT Technology Review’s list of world’s top 35 innovators under the age of 35 in 2008 and received ‘Innovator if the Year Award’ from The Wall Street Journal in 2012.

The social-media billionaire isn’t careless about his food intake. He had been a vegetarian avoiding all kinds of animal products but later turned towards Paleo diet which highlights on animal protein along with vegetables and shun processed nourishments. The régime prohibits ingesting of alcohol, refined sugar and grains. He left the vegetarian diet due to the effect of excessive beta-carotene turning his skin orange.

Dorsey loves yoga just like he loves his yoga trainer Kate Greer, whom he has been dating for a long while! One of the reported reasons for his losing of the CEO position in Twitter is that he had been too busy with yoga! The 38 years old entrepreneur doesn’t do gym workouts at all, but finds some time for cardio workouts on a daily basis.

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Ian MacKaye Weight

Ian MacKaye

How Much Does Ian MacKaye Weigh?

Ian MacKaye weighs about 185 pounds.

How Tall is Ian MacKaye?

Ian MacKaye is 5’9” in height.

About Ian MacKaye weight:

Ian Thomas Garner MacKaye, or in short Ian MacKaye, is an iconic figure in the American music industry. He writes songs, composes and resonates them, plays guitar as well. He also owns a record label named Dischord Records. Ian is best known as a key figure of the popular bands like Minor Threat, Embrace, Fugazi, The Evens and The Teen Idols.

Ian has played prominent roles in the progress of straight edge and hardcore punk. He was also one of the promoters and supporters of Riot Grrrl movement. He is one of the very few in his genre to not use any effects in his music.

Ian’s diet is immensely influenced by the straight edge philosophy. He has always stood against drug abuse and refrains from taking any kind of drugs, alcohol and even smoking. He also expressed that through his song ‘Out of Step’ with the lines “I don’t smoke. I don’t drink.” In spitefulness of the detail that straight edge doesn’t explicitly support vegetarianism, Ian trusts it to be a common-sense advancement of the philosophy and that’s why he follows a strict vegetarian diet.

Ian is reportedly reluctant to spend time working out in gym. He is happy with running on treadmill along with some other cardio matters. Ian doesn’t even do that regularly and perhaps the fifty two year old musician doesn’t need to as he seems to be doing fit and fine with his healthy diet schedule.

Have you listened to Ian on a regular basis? Do you feel he should work out more regularly? Do you think he is at a decent weight for his height? We would love to hear your comments!

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Ron Bloom Weight

Ron Bloom

How Much Does Ron Bloom Weigh?

Ron Bloom weighs about 195 pounds.


How Tall is Ron Bloom?

Ron Bloom is 6’1” in height.


About Ron Bloom’s weight:

Ron Bloom was one of the senior civil servants on whom the Obama Administration had relied upon. The MBA from Harvard University performed the responsibility of the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury and that of a member of the President’s Task Force on the Automotive Industry. He also performed exemplarily the role of Senior Counselor to the President for Manufacturing Policy.

The veteran from Swarthmore, PA, grabbed a place in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world of 2010 published by Time Magazine. The New Republic Magazine as well as Mathew Feldman, the Treasury Auto Team’s lead liquidation attorney, like countless others, has believed Ron as the crucial factor for the Chrysler negotiations to happen.

The fifty nine year old official has never appeared plump. Ron is a tall fellow who isn’t a fitness freak, but obviously keeps up some healthy habits in life. He doesn’t smoke but does drink alcohol occasionally. He isn’t a vegetarian but keeps a safe distance from junk foods and overeating.

Out of his busy schedule, Ron manages time to jog for a 15-20 minutes on treadmill on many days of the year. He doesn’t do any gym exercises which is known of. He hasn’t had any major health issues till today. Most people of his line of work usually catch up with obesity or health issues. As Ron isn’t among them, he must be appreciated for whatever he does, big or small, to stay fit and healthy.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.