Nikki Reed Weight

Nikki Reed

How Much Does Nikki Reed Weigh?

Nikki Reed weighs about 110 pounds.


How Tall is Nikki Reed?

Nikki Reed is 5’5” in height.


What is Nikki Reed’s Bra Size?

Nikki’s bra size is approximately 34B.

About Nikki Reed’s weight:

When we talk about multifaceted celebrities, the name of Nicole Houston Reed, or in short Nikki Reed, is bound to get along. Acting in television and movies, writing various screenplays and multiple songs, creatively singing, display modeling and composition video directing are the substances she has already done within the first twenty six years of her life. In spite of her age being not that much, she has an on the go career of fifteen long years under her belt.

Nikki’s came into limelight with her lead performance in 2003 Catherine Hardwicke movie Thirteen, where she also contributed as a co-screen writer. The limelight turned livelier with her representation of the vampire character Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga. Among her many awards and nominations, a couple of Young Hollywood Awards, an Independent Spirit Award and a Teen Choice Award triumph are most noteworthy.

Nikki is one of those celebrities who doesn’t take up diet plans blindly or out of the least knowledge. She is rational and knowledgeable about the significance of food elements. She is strictly a vegetarian but her diet comprises a pretty large amount of food consumption. Brown rice, many almonds, an assortment of avocados, a variety of spinach, steamed asparagus, cooked kale, green broccoli, cabbage, etc are included in her diet along with refreshing drinks like cranberry and lemon juices. The bombshell had struggled for years trying to give up her smoking habit but managed to get over it in 2009.

The fragile looking celebrity is actually very brawny inside and loves workout materials that require a lot. She loves doing boxing, hiking, water-skiing and windsurfing as a part of her workout. If that’s not what she’s doing in a day, she will definitely be running miles in treadmill or swimming for hours in her pool.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.

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