Neil Patrick Harris Weight

Neil Patrick Harris

How Much Does Neil Patrick Harris Weigh?

Neil Patrick Harris weighs close to 180 pounds.


How Tall is Neil Patrick Harris?

Neil Patrick Harris is approximately 6’0” in height.


About Neil Patrick Harris’ weight:

Neil Patrick Harris is a famous actor and also is involved in producing films. In his career, he also is a singer. Some of the films he has played in include: Undercover Brother, The Christmas Blessing, Beastly, American Reunion, Gone Girl, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. Neil also played the lead role in the television series Doogie Howard, M.D. also being nominated for a Golden Globe award.

Harris leads a very busy life and is involved in many different avenues. During his years, he has not had any weight issues that are apparent. Being overweight is not an issue for his six foot tall stature. It is unknown if Neil follows a specific type of diet, or if he can eat anything he wants.

As far as exercise, Neil Patrick Harris may enjoy golfing, running, or other sports. When viewing his public photographs, it does not appear he does any type of weight lifting program. He could benefit from adding this type of program to his life.

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