Marky Ramone Weight

Marky Ramone
How Much Does Marky Ramone Weigh?

Marky Ramone weighs close to 185 pounds.

How Tall is Marky Ramone?

Marky Ramone is approximately 5’10” in height.

About Marky Ramone weight:

Marky Ramone is the name of the American musician who’s been associated with the genres heavy metal, punk rock and hard rock since the early seventies. The musician with the birth name Marc Steven Bell is best known for his fifteen-year-long service as a drummer to the popular punk rock band The Ramones. He has also worked for some other prominent bands like The Misfits, Dust and The Voidoids.

Apart from drumming, Marky Ramone has also played percussion and has performed as a songwriter and a DJ. For his outstanding contributions to music for more than forty years, Marky Ramone has bagged a number of awards and recognitions. In 2011, the veteran musician bagged the lifetime achievement award from the Grammy Awards. Today, Marky stands as the only member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who is alive.

Marky Ramone is one of those celebrities who love food and doesn’t want to refrain from any delicious dish for fitness concerns. The fifty-eight-year-old musician has his own line of pasta sauce. He loves having dishes like veal parmesan, chicken parmesan, clams on the half shell, a variety of pastas, meatballs and sweet-&-hot sausage. Like most other band-musicians of 1970s and 1980s, Marky was addicted to drugs. But later, after a couple of rehab sessions, the veteran musician has given up drugs, drinking alcohol and even smoking cigarettes.

Marky Ramone is one of those musicians who advise young musicians to not do drugs or smoke, rather try doing exercises on a regular basis. He follows what he preaches; spends an hour in running, cycling, and doing some other cardio exercises for six days in a week.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.

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