Lea Michele Weight

Lea Michele

How Much Does Lea Michele Weigh?

Lea Michele weighs close to 115 pounds.


How Tall is Lea Michele?

Lea Michele is approximately 5’4” in height.


What is Lea Michele’s Bra Size?

Lea Michele’s bra size is a 34A.

About Lea Michele’s weight:

Lea Michele, also known as Lea Michele Sarfati, is an American actress, dancer, singer, and author. She has been nominated for a number of awards in her career. A few of those she has received include Teen Choice Award, Outstanding Performance, and Best Musical Show Album. Michele stars in Glee, the musical comedy series.

Within the public eye, Lea is considered a fashion representation. She has abilities to present style and flair. She has been named in a variety of top 100 lists including for Glamour Magazine, Maxim, and FHM. Lea also works with a good number or charity organizations.

Michele is also a dancer and spends much time on the dance floor. She also spends time keeping her body in shape. Dancing sessions reduce stress, maintains body weight, increases memory, improves flexibility, and decreases depression. This exercise is a great way to stay feeling great.

Do you know if Lea Michele follows a vegan diet since she is involved with PETA? Do you feel she needs to eat more than she does to gain some weight? Celebrity Weigh In would love to hear your comments!

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