Larry David Weight

Larry David
How Much Does Larry David Weigh?

Larry David weighs about 180 pounds.

How Tall is Larry David?

Larry David is 5’11” in height.

About Larry David weight:

Lawrence Gene David, or in short Larry David, is a multi-talented American celebrity who’s done stand-up comedy, acting in television shows and movies, writing script and producing television shows since 1980. He is one of those who focuses on comedy of improvisational, observational and sketch genres. Larry is most popular for his semi-fiction HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm where he stands as the maker as well as the troupe.

In his thirty four year long career, Larry has had numerous accomplishments. Either it be for his stand-up comedy or acting, writing or producing, awards and nominations have come along his way on regular intervals. A couple of Emmy Awards and a Laurel Award for TV Writing Achievement are the most notable among those. He’s also earned number 23 spot in a list of the greatest comedy stars ever.

The 67 year old celebrity is one of the neither overweight nor underweight guys. Larry has managed his fitness impressively by maintaining a balanced diet. We don’t have the exact diet plan, but we do definitely know that the old fellow avoids junk and processed food, alcohol or smoking.
Larry’s an older guy, but his body and mind is still young enough to spend time working out in gym. The veteran comedian, even at this age and in spite of a number of injuries, loves doing weight exercises. He doesn’t do weight exercises with his legs due to leg and hip injuries, but does a variety for his higher body. He also ensures cardio trainings like running and cycling regularly.

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.

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