Kobe Bryant Weight

Kobe Bryant

How Much Does Kobe Bryant Weigh?

Kobe Bryant weighs close to 200 pounds.


How Tall is Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is approximately 6’6” in height.


About Kobe Bryant’s weight:

Kobe Bryant is the shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and has enjoyed his professional basketball career. He entered the sport directly from high school and is famous among the basketball fans. Kobe has worked hard on his career and holds many awards honorably.

As far as Kobe’s exercise routine, it occurs six to seven days each week. He works out in his gym and also takes time to run on a regular basis with the guys. Eating right is important and exercise reduces the stress of being a professional sports player.

On a regular basis, Kobe must consume at least 4000 calories daily to maintain his weight. He leads an active lifestyle and his basal metabolic rate is approximately 2065 for his height, weight, and being extremely active. Kobe Bryant consumes a vast amount of energy from day to day.

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