Gotye Weight


How Much Does Gotye Weigh?

Gotye weighs close to 170 pounds.


How Tall is Gotye?

Gotye is approximately 5’10” in height.


About Gotye’s weight:

Gotye, also known as Wouter De Backer, is a popular singer and musician from Australia. He is currently in his early thirties and is successful in his career. He has also gained several Grammy Awards including Record of the Year, Best Pop Duo, and Best Alternative Music Album.

Wouter has released three studio albums, seven singles, and sixteen music videos. He has also done one remix album. He is passionate about music and has been from a very young age. Some of his studio albums include: Boardface, Like Drawing Blood, and Making Mirrors.

For his height, Gotye is at a good weight. He appears to take care of himself by following some sort of diet routine and performing moderate exercise. Eating small amounts of food throughout the day allows the body to be energized and not overly fed. Gotye does not have a history in his life of eating disorders and seems to follow this general rule.

Exercise is important and is needed to keep the body going. Exercise can include running, walking, dancing, lifting weights, and doing aerobics. It is not clear as to the type or amount of exercise Gotye partakes in, but he seems to be doing a sufficient work.

Do you follow Gotye? Have you seen him in concert or met him face to face? Do you feel he has any issues with his weight? Do you think he needs to work out at the gym more? We would love to hear your personal thoughts on dieting and exercise for Gotye!

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