Dwayne Johnson Weight

Dwayne Johnson

How Much Does Dwayne Johnson Weigh?

Dwayne Johnson weighs close to 270 pounds.


How Tall is Dwayne Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson is approximately 6’5” in height.


About Dwayne Johnson’s weight:

Dwayne Johnson is a famous household name for many. He is also known as The Rock and is in his early forties. He is a male actor as well as a professional wrestler. He has played in some of the following films: The Scorpion King, Fast Five, Doom, The Other Guys, The Rundown, Walking Tall, Game Plan, Planet 51, and Get Smart. He also played in Faster as well as Fast & Furious 6.

Johnson definitely knows the meaning of eating right and keeping his body fit. Daily exercise and working out are a part of life to him since he has entered his professional wrestling career. In his younger years, Dwayne played football, track, wrestling, as well as other physically demanding sports.

Consistent training of the body takes place on a regular basis. Eating higher protein in his diet is also common. Although, Johnson weighs in at nearly 270 pounds, it is doubtful there is any fat on his body. More than likely, he is very lean in his muscular build.

Do you like to follow Dwayne Johnson in his filming career? Do you enjoy watching him during professional wrestling? Do you feel he has gone overboard on working out, or is he doing just fine? Please leave your weight related comments below on Celebrity Weigh In!

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