Chris Matthews Weight

Chris Matthews

How Much Does Chris Matthews Weigh?

Chris Matthews weighs close to 180 pounds.


How Tall is Chris Matthews?

Chris Matthews is approximately 6’3” in height.


About Chris Matthews’ weight:

Chris Matthew’s is an American political commentator & well known News Anchor. Matthews worked for print media for nearly 15 years. In his anchoring career, he covered the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first all races elections of South Africa, as well as Good Friday Peace Talks. He also covered the all American Presidential Election Campaigns since 1988.

His weeknight show on CNBC (currently on MSNBC) “Hardball with Chris Matthews” provided him great fame in which he hosted many pundits & election officials. He also appeared in syndication “The Chris Matthews Show” which was formatted as the political round-table & consists of four journalists along with Mathew. In addition to that, he is the writer of six bestselling books.

Chris Matthews is among those who don’t take much care of their health. He hardly ever took the time to do any exercises. In his younger age, he was very fond of delightful cheese steak & fries. In morning, he used to visit Starbucks for a Frappuccino & pastries. Every Sunday, he has been known to consume donuts. His mom used to also prepare heavy meals, full of butter, and fat.

His careless diet routine paid him off as he suffers from type 2 diabetes. Now, he has learned to pay attention to health. He chooses much healthier meals for the day since his diagnosis.

Have you followed Chris Matthews? Do you feel we should learn from the past poor eating habits of Matthews? Do you feel he is comfortable after changing his diet routine or do you feel he wishes to follow the old diet routine? Please let us know about your thoughts!

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