Chris Jericho Weight

Chris Jericho

How Much Does Chris Jericho Weigh?

Chris Jericho weighs close to 225 pounds.


How Tall is Chris Jericho?

Chris Jericho is approximately 6’0” in height.


About Chris Jericho’s weight:

Chris Jericho, also known as Christopher Keith Irvine, is a well-known American born wrestler. He is also a musician, author, and actor. Jericho is known for his personality like a rock star and has won many championships in the wrestling industry.

Currently, Jericho weighs around 225 pounds and spends a good amount of time training and body building. In his spare time, Chris is the lead vocalist for a band, Fozzy. In his heavy metal pursuits, he has a good number of followers.

Chris has also been involved in a variety of documentaries and television productions. A few of his projects include: pop culture “Best Week Ever,” and “I Love the 80’s.” Jericho also wrote for a heavy metal journal for a short period of time. He has appeared in a variety of other movies and television shows.

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