Andy Samberg Weight

Andy Samberg

How Much Does Andy Samberg Weigh?

Andy Samberg weighs close to 220 pounds.


How Tall is Andy Samberg?

Andy Samberg is approximately 5’10” in height.


About Andy Samberg’s weight:

David Andrew Samberg is a 36 years old American actor, singer, writer & producer, but he is more famous for his comedy. He belongs to a Jewish family, with his father, Joe Samberg is a photographer & his mother, Margi Samberg is a school teacher. Andy Samberg is a member of comedy group, “The Lonely Island”. Saturday Night Live (SNL) proved to be his most famous show where he & his fellow members amazed everyone with their humorous digital shots.

In addition to his work in SNL, Andrew Samberg also boasts blooming films & music career. He also starred in couple of stunning movies like “Hot Rod” & “I Love You, Man”. His famous album, “Incredibat” became the first comedy album to reach the No. 1 spot in iTunes.

Not much is known about Samberg’s routine diet, or his physical fitness activities. While looking at the body composition of Andy Samberg, it could be easily concluded that he goes gym quite frequently and does exercises to keep him fit. But, his lifestyle suggests that his first priority is Career in Comedy & Music rather than to impress others with his charming looks. However, if he could loose his weight a bit, then it will be beneficial for his career in the future.

Are you a big fan of Andy Samberg? Do you know what type of diet routine he follows regularly? Have you ever heared about his involvement in any type of fitness program? Do you think he needs to re-schedule his fitness plan in order to improve his health & looks? Please let us know about your thoughts!

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