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How Much Does Adam Sandler Weigh?

Adam Sandler weighs close to 170 pounds.


How Tall is Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler is approximately 5’10” in height.


About  Adam Sandler weight:

Adam Sandler is known for being an American actor and comedian. He is also a musician, producer, song writer, and a screen writer. He is famous for appearing in some of the following films: Eight Crazy Nights, The Hot Chick, Anger Management, Pauly Shore is Dead, Stupidity, Funny People, Grown Ups, Just Go With It, and That’s My Boy. He is currently working on three productions in 2014 including Blended, The Cobbler, and Men, Women, & Children. Sandler has also been on a variety of television programs including The Marshall Chronicles, Undeclared, Couch, Getaway, and Jessie.

Adam’s family is of Jewish decent, but during his marriage he converted to his wife’s religion. We do not know a lot about Sandler’s diet and exercise program but have seen him in different films. It does appear that he enjoys to work out to some degree, although he does not hold a well-defined muscular build.

Some individuals would say that he could lose a little bit of weight for his height to be healthier. We do know that Adam Sandler does like to enjoy life with his family and friends. It would not be uncommon for Sandler and his family to have gatherings with all the trimmings to enjoy.

Do you follow Sandler in his movie career? Have you heard him sing or seen him in a comedy club? What are your thoughts about Adam Sandler’s weight and height? Please let us know your thoughts!

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