Taio Cruz Weight

Taio Cruz

How Much Does Taio Cruz Weigh?

Taio Cruz weighs close to 160 pounds.


How Tall is Taio Cruz?

Taio Cruz is approximately 5’8” in height.


About Taio Cruz’s weight:

Taio Cruz, or Jacob Taio Cruz is a songwriter (British) as well as a record producer. He is a business man and also likes to sing Rapp music. A few years ago, he released his first album – Departure. He worked on the production of this award winning album his self. He has also released the following: Rokstarr and TY.O. Taio has also written songs for singers such as David Guetta , Cheryl Cole, Justin Beiber, and Jennifer Lopez.

Cruz is currently in his late twenties and weighs in at around 160 pounds. He keeps a busy schedule and is also successful in promoting his men’s wear brand clothing. Keeping in the public’s eye, Taio knows the importance of following a good dietary plan. Working out is part of life and staying in shape is a must.
This male singer lives in the United Kingdom. He also travels for months at a time to the United States to work on his projects.

Are you familiar with Taio Cruz? Have you heard of his unique music style? Many believe that Taio will be making a bigger mark in the music industry in the years ahead. For 2013, he has been named as one of the top 10 male singers. We would love to hear your comments!

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