Patricia Clarkson Weight

Patricia Clarkson

How Much Does Patricia Clarkson Weigh?

Patricia Clarkson weighs close to 140 pounds.


How Tall is Patricia Clarkson?

Patricia Clarkson is approximately 5’5” in height.


What is Patricia Clarkson’s Bra Size?

Patricia’s bra size is a 36B.

About Patricia Clarkson’s weight:

Patricia Clarkson is known for her career as an American actress. She has played in some of the following films: The Untouchables, Tune in Tomorrow, An American Story, Four Eyes and Six Guns, Playing By Heart, Simply Irresistible, Far from Heaven, Carrie, Pieces of April, Five, The East, as well as One Day.

Clarkson is in her mid-fifties and was born in New Orleans. It is a given she enjoys New Orleans style food choices including Po-Boys, gumbos, crayfish, jambalaya, and other New Orleans food choices. Not much is known as to whether she has other food favorites.

As far as dieting is concerned, Patricia seems to hold her weight well and does not appear to have any food related disorders. According to the New Orleans Health Department, there tends to be a high rate of obesity for those living in the area.

Do you follow Patricia Clarkson in her movie roles? Do you feel she will stay out of the obesity statistics for New Orleans in her lifetime? Do you think she takes time to exercise, or should she spend some time in the gym?

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