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arrives at the "Dark Shadows" - Los Angeles Premiere

How Much Does Johnny Depp Weigh?

Johnny Depp weighs close to 160 pounds.


How Tall is Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp is approximately 5’9” in height.


About Johnny Depp’s weight:

Johnny Depp is a famous actor who has played in some of the following movies: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (in production), Transcendence (in production), The Lone Ranger, Family Guy, Dark Shadows, 21 Jump Street, as well as The Rum Diary.

Looking of the past year, Johnny Depp comes in second place in the Sexiest 50 Men of 2012. He has played many roles in Hollywood and also has been involved in producing and directing some. So, how does Johnny stay in shape while working?

Johnny obviously has a very high metabolism within his body. The metabolism allows his body to burn calories taken in on a regular basis. When the body burns more calories than is consumed, then the body will stay slim. For Johnny’s height at close to five foot and nine inches, this also gives him the perception to being slender. For many Johnny is a very nice looking man and seen as one of Hollywood’s sexiest only falling second to Ryan Gosling in 2012.

Do you think Johnny likes to work out on a regular basis? Looking at his muscles, it does not appear that he works out consistently to build up muscle. He may have a routine that helps him to stay in shape, but nothing really spectacular.

Do you think Johnny deserves to be in spot number two of the sexiest men of 2012? Do you like to watch him perform in the movies and television series? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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