Colin Firth Weight

Colin Firth

How Much Does Colin Firth Weigh?

Colin Firth weighs close to 180 pounds.


How Tall is Colin Firth?

Colin Firth is approximately 6’1” in height.


About Colin Firth’s weight:

Colin Firth is a famous actor who has earned over three billion dollars from over forty worldwide release movies. He has been nominated for various awards and received the Golden Globe, Academy Award, and other notable acting awards.

Firth has played in some of the following films: Another Country, Dutch Girls, Lost Empires, The Secret Garden, Tumbledown, Hostages, Master of the Moor, Playmaker, The Deep Blue Sea, Pride & Predjudice, and The English Patient. He also played in more current films including Bridge Jones’ Diary, Conspiracy, Fourplay, Girl With A Pearl Earring, What A Girl Wants, Trauma, In Prison My Whole Life, A Single Man, The King’s Speech, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Colin weighs around 180 pounds for his six foot one inch stature. He has not had any known history of weight issues. Although Firth has put on a few extra pounds as compared to his younger years, he still holds a healthy weight for his body. Not much is known about his diet although he is married to an Italian. It is safe to say that he enjoys much Italian foods along with those familiar during his English youth.

When looking at his public photos, it does not appear Colin Firth is a huge fan of working out. He probably does some form of exercise but does not hold a solid muscular build. It is unknown if he ever played sports during his youth, although if he did basketball is a strong possibility.

Have you followed Colin Firth through the years of his acting career? Do you feel he should do more when it comes to having a fitness routine? How do you feel he fairs when it comes to his weight? We would love to hear your comments as they relate to his diet and fitness lifestyle!

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