Ann Wilson Weight

Ann Wilson

How Much Does Ann Wilson Weigh?

Ann Wilson weighs close to 180 pounds.


How Tall is Ann Wilson?

Ann Wilson is approximately 5’7” in height.


What is Ann Wilson’s Bra Size?

Ann’s bra size is a 38B.

About Ann Wilson’s weight:

Ann Wilson, also known as Ann Dustin Wilson, is an American musician and lead singer. She loves to play rock, folk, pop, and hard rock. Ann also is a fluent song writer and plays guitar from time to time. She is known for her creation of her album Hope & Glory.

In Ann Wilson’s early years she kept her weight down by not eating. She would go through periods of “starving herself.” Later on in life, she would gain the weight back and continues to battle on a daily basis. In early 2002, it was noted that Wilson had gastric band surgery to help her conquer the negative feelings she has endured.

Learning to eat smaller portions is important, but one must eat enough to provide for the needs of the body. Eating healthy is important and should be considered to help maintain weight. Gastric surgery is not for everyone, but it does help in many cases.

Have you had gastric surgery? How are you doing with the results? How do you feel nutrition plays an important role in taking care of the body’s needs? Please leave your comments below!

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