Andy Garcia Weight

Andy Garcia

How Much Does Andy Garcia Weigh?

Andy Garcia weighs close to 180 pounds.


How Tall is Andy Garcia?

Andy Garcia is approximately 5’10” in height.


About Andy Garcia’s weight:

Andy Garcia is currently in his mid-fifties and is well known for his film roles in The Godfather Part III, When a Man Loves a Woman, Ocean’s Eleven, The Lost City, The Untouchables, and Open Road. He has been nominated for various awards through his career.

Andy is also known as Andres Arturo Garcia Menendez and is originally a Cuban-American actor. During his younger years Garcia played sports including basketball. Then, he was plagued with medical issues and chose to pursue his career in acting.

During his life, Garcia understands what it takes to stay healthy during the good times and the bad. Andy also enjoys spending time with the family along with four of his children. It is unknown how much his family takes the time to exercise, but the diet has become a precedence in their lives.

Have you followed Andy Garcia in his Hollywood career? How do you feel he is doing with staying fit in general? Do you feel he could take the time to do more exercises and weight training? Please let us know your comments regarding Andy Garcia’s weight and eating style!

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