Yolanda Adams Weight

Yolanda Adams

How Much Does Yolanda Adams Weigh?

Yolanda Adams weighs close to 140 pounds.


How Tall is Yolanda Adams?

Yolanda Adams is approximately 6’1” in height.


What is Yolanda Adams Bra Size?

Yolanda’s bra size is a 36C.

About Yolanda Adams’ weight:

Yolanda Adams is famous for her gospel singing, acting, and record producing abilities. She is in her early fifties and still looks so young. She appears to look like she is in her thirties and looks fabulous in body. She has sold nearly eight million albums of her music. Yolanda loves to sing gospel, soul, and well as R/B.

In early life, Yolanda also modeled part time in Texas. Later on, she became a full time lead singer. She has also written as an author, appeared on television, and won many awards in her music career. Yolanda has won four different Grammy Awards and sixteen different gospel awards.

How does Yolanda keep her figure so grand? For one, her faith has taken her to many new heights. She always wants to be an inspiration to those around her. This includes in her eating and activity style. She loves to try new foods, but do so with great care.

As far as working out, Yolanda likes to add activity to her schedule on a regular basis. She enjoys getting in the great outdoors and taking in the sunshine. Do you enjoy getting outdoors and walking, bicycling, or even hiking? Do you enjoy outdoor tennis, or other sports?

Yolanda has been an inspiration to us all in some way, shapes, or form. Please let us know your thoughts about Yolanda Adams by commenting below!

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