Will.i.am Weight

How Much Does Will.i.am Weigh?

Will.i.am weighs close to 160 pounds.


How Tall is Will.i.am?

Will.i.am is approximately 5’10” in height.

About Will.i.am’s weight:

Will.i.am is looking hot in the eyes of many women! How has he gained such a following? He has a great body, especially his torso. When he carried the Olympic torch, his lean and fit body was revealed to the world.

Will.i.am went on a very drastic diet along with some of his friends. The drastic eating program included eating fruits of various kinds, low fat soups, and eating fish. He lost thirty pounds within eight weeks. He struggled with weight for some time in his life. Now, he is at his teenage weight and looks great.

The exercise routine for Will.i.am consisted of a program put together by his trainer. The program involved times of outdoor running, working with weights, skipping, and a Pilate’s program. He also was given a resistance bank work-out.

Do we recommend a drastic diet to lose weight? This is not routinely recommended and should only be done under the doctor’s supervision. When the body loses too much weight in a short amount of time, it is very hard on the body. It can even cause the body to go into shock in some situations.

We do recommend eating diets lower in fat, much like Will.i.am’s eating program. Add fruits and veggies to your daily eating plan. Adding some protein is also good for the body, such as fish, lean beef, lean cuts of pork, and white chicken.

Working out is also important. Add running, or walking, to your daily routine which is a great choice. Adding some weight bearing exercise is also a plus for the body. You will get into shape and start looking great just like Will.i.am!

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