Vanessa Hudgens Weight

How Much Does Vanessa Hudgens Weigh?

Vanessa Hudgens weighs close to 120 pounds.


How Tall is Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa is approximately 5’3” in height.


What is Vanessa Hudgens’ Bra Size?

Vanessa’s bra size is a 34B.

About Vanessa Hudgens’ weight:

Vanessa Hudgens is loved by many and is most known for her part in the High School Musical Series. She is a very beautiful American actress as well as singer. As early as the age of 8, Vanessa was acting in theatre.  At this time in her life, she appeared in productions of Cinderella and the Wizard of Oz, as well as other local productions.

In 2012, Vanessa played roles in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Gimme Shelter, and The Frozen Ground. For 2013, she will be playing Candy in Spring Breakers. For the past few years, her focus has been more on acting than her singing talent.

So how does a chocolate lover keep her figure so great?  She loves to live a balanced life and eats chocolate occasionally. At other times, she focuses on eating right and exercising. Pilates is a regular part of her schedule as well as cardio aerobics methods. Kickboxing has been a favorite pastime in her family as well as dancing.

Movement has been a regular routine in her life. She is still young and very active in many ways in her personal life and career. In the past, she was like any young teenager who loved to eat foods like pizza pockets and microwavable foods. She has worked to become very beautiful and fit. She keeps a daily routine of exercise as well as works to choose the healthiest foods possible.  Take some time to enjoy the treats, but mostly focus on the healthy part of life!

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