Uma Thurman Weight

Uma Thurman - Cannes Film Festival - Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Gala

How Much Does Uma Thurman Weigh?

Uma Thurman weighs close to 140 pounds.


How Tall is Uma Thurman?

Uma Thurman is approximately 5’11” in height.


What is Uma Thurman’s Bra Size?

Uma’s bra size is 36B

About Uma Thurman’s weight:

Uma Thurman is known for acting in America as well as modeling. Some of the films she has played in include Prime, The Life Before Her Eyes, Motherhood, Ceremony, Smash, Pulp Fiction, and Playing for Keeps. Uma has also been nominated for and won many awards. Currently, Uma Thurman is working on two movie roles in Movie 43 and Nymphomaniac.

Modeling has been a part of Uma’s life. She has had to watch what she eats as well as take time to exercise. She has had to overcome issues growing up with her body shape. She suffered from a disorder and talked about it publically. While in public school, she realized her potential in acting. She modeled during her teenage years as well as later on in life.
A model’s diet is strict and must be followed rigidly to stay slim and look great. Photo shoots are a big part of modeling and one must look better than “other models” in the field to win contracts. All the world is on you when you are in the public’s eye.

After getting pregnant, Uma Thurman’s weight changed. She added on some weight and took a break from her acting career during this time. She did however return with modeling some time on down the road.
She has lost much of her pregnancy weight and is looking pretty good. Exercise and watching her diet has played a major role in this change. Adding more fruits and veggies to the diet and removing any fattening foods increases the dieter’s success in losing the unwanted weight.

Do you enjoy watching Uma? Do you know of other models that follow strict dieting practices? We would love to hear your comments!

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