Tinie Tempah Weight

Tinie Tempah

How Much Does Tinie Tempah Weigh?

Tinie Tempah weighs close to 175 pounds.


How Tall is Tinie Tempah?

Tinie Tempah is approximately 5’8” in height.


About Tinie Tempah’s weight:

Tinie Tempah is known as an English rapper who is currently in his mid-twenties. Tinie is also a song writer, record producer, composer, and business man. His first album, known as Disc-Overy debutted as number one in the United Kingdom in 2010. He has also earned two Brit Awards for Best British Breakthrough Act as well as Best British Single.

Within the past month, Tinie Tempah released his second album, entitled Demonstration. Two of the singles have already been number three and number six in the United Kingdom. Tempah has also gained nominations for various awards in his career. He has been awarded approximately fifteen awards within a three year period.

Not much is known about Tinie’s lifestyle as it relates to eating and exercise. Obviously, he does get some form of exercise on a regular basis. This is seen in his publically shown photographs and during concert appearances.

Do you follow Tinie? Do you know anything about his eating routine? Maybe, some of the foods he loves to eat? How do you feel he does in the area of staying physically fit? Do you think he makes the grade? Leave your comments!

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to Patrick Hamberg on Flickr.com. To read more about Creative Commons Licensing, please visit here.

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