Snooki Weight

at a book signing at Barnes & Noble at the Grove to promote her new book 'A Shore Thing'

How Much Does Snooki Weigh?

Snooki weighs close to 100 pounds.


How Tall is Snooki?

Snooki is approximately 4’10” in height.


What is Snooki’s Bra Size?

Snooki’s bra size is a 34B.

About Snooki’s weight:

In the past few months, Snooki has been in the news regarding her recent weight loss. After having her new baby she has lost down to nearly 100 pounds. Snooki’s given name is Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi and she is in her mid-twenties.

Snooki is popular for her role in Jersey Shore. She has also played in a variety of television shows including WWE Raw and The View. She is well paid for her reality television show persona.  Nicole Polizzi was born in Chile and she was adopted by her parents.

Growing up, Snooki enjoyed cheerleading, dancing, as well as other activities. During her high school years, she did suffer from an eating disorder and weighed a mere 75 pounds at one point in time.

So, how does she stay in control of her eating at this time in her life? It is a day to day decision to eat in a healthy way. For Snooki, eating enough calories in the day is important for her body. She works to make sure she is gaining enough nutrition in her day and not “starving” herself. Also, she now has a new little one to take care of.

Eating disorders can be a serious thing in one’s life. If you are suffering with an eating disorder, then know that there is help available. Just like Snooki, you can overcome and live a healthy life. Speak with your family doctor if you feel you have an eating disorder.

The other side to having an eating disorder can also involve exercising to the point the body is “starving.” If you are heavily consumed with exercise so that you will look “thin” to a point of being unhealthy, then please seek help.

Dieting should be healthy for the body as well as exercising in a healthy fashion. If you need to lose weight, adding a normal amount of exercising to your diet will help you to become more active and lose the pounds. The general rule is to not lose more than two pounds per week to lead a healthy life.

Do you like to watch Snooki? What do you like about the Jersey Shore show? Have you seen some of the most recent photos of Snooki since she has lost her baby weight?

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