Scotty McCreery Weight

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How Much Does Scotty McCreery Weigh?

Scotty McCreery weighs close to 150 pounds.


How Tall is Scotty McCreery?

Scotty McCreery is approximately 5’10” in height.


About Scotty McCreery’s weight:

Scotty McCreery is a famous singer from the United States. He loves to sing country music and was born in North Carolina. He is currently a young 19 years old and is also a winner from American Idol series. Scotty has released several albums and also plays guitar.

Scotty weighs in around 150 pounds. He is young and fairly tall. He is gaining a following and does not really have any known eating disorders. He is full of energy and does not really follow a specific diet that we are aware of.

Do you follow Scotty? Do you know what forms of exercise he likes to do on a regular basis? We would love to hear from you!
Some forms of exercise Scotty McCreery may enjoy include horseback riding, dancing, hiking, running, as well as swimming. At the age of 19, most guys will have a great metabolism with light to medium exercise several times each week.

It is also not known if Scotty participated in any type of sports growing up in his high school years. Sometimes, this will give us a clue as to what he enjoys doing for activity. Sports in school may include football, basketball, track, as well as baseball.

Are you familiar with Scotty? Maybe you live in his hometown area and would like to share with us! Have you enjoyed listening to the music he has created? Or, maybe you have been to one of his music performances! Please leave us comments below!

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