Robert Pattinson Weight

How Much Does Robert Pattinson Weigh?

Robert Pattinson weighs close to 170 pounds.


How Tall is Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson is approximately 6’1” in height.


About Robert Pattinson weight:

Robert Pattinson is famous more recently for his roles in Harry Potter and Twilight. He is seeing Kristen Stewart right now among his busy lifestyle. Robert is also known for his roles in modeling as well as producing. Currently, he is among the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

So what about his diet? He is from London, so he probably likes to eat breakfast. Most people from England like to eat eggs, bacon, sausages, along with fried breads. Breakfast is an important part of the day and helps to provide your body with the fuel it needs to keep going.

Afternoon teas are very norm in England during the day. They are often served by providing teas, or coffees with a small fruit snack or mini-sandwiches. In the evening time, many families will serve fish with chips, roast beef, or even roast lamb.

Do people like Robert Pattinson look forward to eating desserts?   In England, eating pies are popular along with puddings. Creams and custards are also very popular within the cultural traditions.

What do you think about Robert’s weight? He weighs in at approximately 170 pounds. Do you think that he takes the time to exercise? He is only 26 years old and either he loves to work out or not. When you see him in some photos without his shirt on, you will see some nice six pack abs! These do not usually come without some exercise – they take effort.

What are your thoughts about Robert Pattinson? Do you follow his career and view his movies? What do you think about his seeing Kristen Stewart again? We would love to hear what you think!

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