Robert Downey Jr Weight

How Much Does Robert Downey Jr. Weigh?

Robert Downey, Jr.  weighs close to 170 pounds.


How Tall is Robert Downey, Jr?

Robert Downey, Jr.  is approximately 5’9” in height.

About Robert Downey, Jr’s weight:

Robert Downey, Jr. is popular for his roles in entertainment including on Iron Man, and Sherlock Holmes.  Each role has required him to weigh in at different weights. In each movie set, he was ready physically and varied his diet in the months leading into show time.

When speaking of his weight for Sherlock Holmes, he had to lose a dramatic amount of weight for his playing role. Also, with the role he played in this movie he is seen without his shirt several times in the movie and also seen doing stunts which requires true physical performance. He weight was around 158 pounds for this movie and he prepared himself by watching his diet very carefully.

When Robert Downing, Jr. starred in Iron Man – his weight was around 170 pounds. For this role it was important to not only add a different exercise routine, but also alter the diet. For this role in Iron Man, he worked on a muscle building routine.

Robert Downing, Jr. knows what it takes to maintain a body builder’s diet. Many body builders will eat every few hours, stick with lean proteins, and eat fruits & veggies. The body trainers will only eat complex carbohydrates during this time. This type of diet is really better for the body versus eating highly processed foods with very little nutrition.

Each body builder will have an eating and exercise routine which is tailored for them; although, the basics will remain the same. Robert Downey, Jr. is dedicated to each movie role he is involved in – he will make it happen when it comes to his body!

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