Ralph Lauren Weight

Ralph Lauren

How Much Does Ralph Lauren Weigh?

Ralph Lauren weighs close to 155 pounds.


How Tall is Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren is approximately 5’6” in height.


About Ralph Lauren’s weight:

Ralph Lauren, also known as Ralph Lifshitz, is a famous fashion designer in America. He holds a very popular line of clothing, Polo Ralph Lauren. The business has become a multi-billion dollar line. Ralph also collects rare automobiles in his spare time. Last year, Laurens wealth has been estimated at approximately six billion dollars.

Through much rejection, Ralph Lauren finally found someone who would help him take his designs to the public for sale. His venture started with ties, and then moved into clothing fashions for men as well as women.
In his life, Ralph Lauren faced medical challenges and has had a brain tumor removed. In his journey, he learned more about living healthy and has now made a full recovery. At this point and time, there has been no return of the benign growth.

Currently, Ralph weighs in at around 155 pounds at an estimated height of five foot and six inches. He continues to be a well-known celebrity and enjoys life to the fullest.

Do you follow Ralph Lauren’s achievements? Do you wear some of his clothing lines? What do you like about him and his designs? We would love to hear your comments and thoughts!

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