PSY Weight


How Much Does PSY Weigh?

PSY weighs close to 185 pounds.


How Tall is PSY?

PSY is approximately 5’8” in height.


About PSYs weight:

PSY, also known by Park Jae-sang, is becoming a very popular Southern Korea singer. He is also a song writer, record producer, rapper, and TV personality. He sings several genres including hip house, k-pop, dance, and Korean hip hop. In 2013, he is being noted as one of the most popular singers of the year.

In his acting career, PSY has played roles in Dream High 2, Superstar K4, Wet Dreams, and Live! With Kelly & Michael. Some of his music video appearances include Ice Cream, Novice Baby Boy, and No, Leave Me Alone.

Obviously, PSY enjoys dancing as it is part of his stage routine. When taking a look at his public image photos, it does not appear that he does any type of routine work out with weights. He does not hold a muscular build and could probably benefit from a regular routine.

As far as a dieting routine, it is unknown if PSY follows one. Being from Korea, it is likely that he enjoys a variety of meat recipes including chicken, pork, ribs, and seafood. Many Korean dishes include stews, marinades, along with rice and veggies.

Have you seen PSY in concert, or on TV? Do you follow him in his singing or acting career? Do you feel like he needs to lose some weight for his height? Please provide Celebrity Weigh In with your honest opinions regarding PSYs weight!

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