LeBron James Weight

at the 2011 T-Mobile NBA All-Star Game, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA 02-20-11

How Much Does LeBron James Weigh?

LeBron James weighs close to 245 pounds.


How Tall is LeBron James?

LeBron James is approximately 6’7” in height.

About LeBron James’ weight:

LeBron James is well known for his being an NBA player. Due to his height and stature, he is known as “King James.” He plays basketball in America for a professional career. LeBron is in his late twenties and holds a variety of playing records.
So, how does LeBron work to keep his weight? He is a very active individual and gets a cardio workout with each game or practice he plays. He must keep his mind sharp and keep his body in good shape. He uses higher protein snacks to keep going during the day.

Healthy meals are a part of LeBron James’ dietary plan. He occasionally has “forbidden foods” to enjoy. These are few and far between though, since he is training year round for his profession. Exercise is a must which includes a cardio routine, lifting weights, and training. Running is also a great way to work the body as a professional basketball player.
LeBron James has a plan of action and works out on a regular basis. Since he represents the United States in World Championships as well as the Olympics, he is very dedicated to his lifestyle. He is truly fit and very seldom lets his guard down when it comes to a healthy plan!

Do you follow LeBron James? Are you impressed with how versatile he is being able to play different positions professionally? How do you feel about LeBron being the second most influential professional athlete? We would love to hear your comments!

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