Tiger Woods Weight

at the EA Sports "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07" video game launch. Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA. 10-10-06

How Much Does Tiger Woods Weigh?

Tiger Woods weighs close to 185 pounds.


How Tall is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is approximately 6’1” in height.

About Tiger Woods weight:

Tiger Woods is well known for his career as a professional golfer. He is one of the most successful of all time in this arena. He also holds the number one spot in the sport and is well paid for his sport. Tiger Woods is in his late thirties and is from the United States.

As you know, it is important as a professional to stay in shape and eat right. The game of golf not only includes poise and position but a clear mind to think strategically and make decisions. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is important. Adding plenty of natural fruits and veggies is also important. Many golfers will eat salad every day as well as keep calories at a minimum.

What about exercise for those who golf? With the sport comes some exercise. Additional methods of movement may include walking, jogging, weight lifting, as well as training. Being physically fit is important and only part of keeping the body truly fit.

Tiger Woods weighs in at around 185 at one inch above six feet. He has almost always had a competitive spirit that stays focused with his head in the game. Woods has created many records and won many tours. Just as he pushes forward in the game, one should push forward in their diet and exercise routine.

Be determined to eat right and stay fit. Add exercise to your daily routine. Take some time to learn a hobby or sport. You can be all you can in the process and you can enjoy life!

Do you follow Tiger Woods? As a golfer, do you follow a diet or exercise routine? Or do you feel the sport of golf is enough to stay fit? Please leave your comments below! We would love to hear from you!

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