Paul Walker Weight

Fast & Furious Premiere 2009

How Much Does Paul Walker Weigh?

Paul Walker weighs close to 170 pounds.


How Tall is Paul Walker?

Paul Walker is approximately 6’ in height.


About Paul Walker’s weight:

Paul Walker is well known for his role in Fast and Furious. He is also known as one of the sexiest actors in 2012. Paul is also known by his given name of Paul William Walker IV. He also played in Varsity Blues in American movies.

Do you agree that Paul is one of the sexiest men in 2012? He definitely has a nice body for his six foot height. In his past, he has also done male modeling at a fairly young age. He is currently in his late thirties and has Irish as well as German background.

Irish food dishes are normally created from the crops of the earth. They are also paired with animals farmed on the land. Irish cuisine includes some of the following dishes: cabbage, Irish stews, potato dishes, as well as colcannon.

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Do you feel Paul does any form of exercise? He definitely has the body of a fit young man. It does not appear that he lifts weights to bulk his muscles up. But, he does burn enough calories to keep his weight at a good limit.

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