Nicollette Sheridan Weight

How Much Does Nicollette Sheridan Weigh?

Nicollette Sheridan weighs close to 120 pounds.


How Tall is Nicollette Sheridan?

Nicollette Sheridan is approximately 5’7” in height.


What is Nicollette Sheridan’s Bra Size?

Nicollette’s bra size is a 34B.

About Nicollette Sheridan’s weight:

Nicollette Sheridan is famous for being an American actress and playing in Desperate Housewives. Nicollette also played in Knots Landing, Noises Off, Spy Hard, and The Sure Thing. She was born in England and her mother was also an actress.

So, what about Nicollette’s diet? She loves to cook and her favorite type of food is Indian. Her diet is full of healthy and tasty choices. She loves to eat in such a way that her body will receive all the nutrients it needs. Gaining the proper vitamins is very important in her life.

There are benefits to eating Indian food including helping to manage diabetes, natural anti-bacterial properties, increases the immune system, and relieve symptoms within the body. For example, garlic is great for the body and provides a wide variety of health benefits including heart health, prevention of bone loss, and reduces the risk of disease. Coriander is also another popular ingredient in Indian food which is known for its antioxidant properties and healthy effects on the body including anxiety release.

What about Nicollette’s exercise program? She loves to run on a regular basis and will sometimes have her retriever run with her. Nicollette’s goal is to run at least three miles every day. Running helps the body to prevent disease and taking the time to exercises improves anyone’s overall health. Running also allows the body to stay slimmer and lose weight if needed. Stress is relieved and mental spirits are kept high.

Do you like to run like Nicollette? Have you gained benefits from eating Indian food? We would love to hear your comments! Please let us know what you think!

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