Naomi Campbell Weight

Naomi Campbell

How Much Does Naomi Campbell Weigh?

Naomi Campbell weighs close to 125 pounds.


How Tall is Naomi Campbell?

Naomi Campbell is approximately 5’10” in height.


What is Naomi Campbell’s Bra Size?

Naomi Campbell’s bra size is a 36B.

About Naomi Campbell’s weight:

Naomi Campbell is a famous British model and she also enjoys singing as well as acting in her career. She began her modeling career at approximately 15 years old and has been declared as a supermodel in the fashion industry.

Naomi’s mother is known as a modern dancer. At the age of ten years, Campbell entered the world of ballet. She completed her studies in theatre arts at an early age. At a very young age, Naomi was also doing music videos and becoming popular on the scene. She actually became the first black model to be placed on the cover of French Vogue; soon following she appeared on the most popular month of American Vogue.

Very little is known about Naomi’s diet and exercise routine. Usually, models will follow a very strict diet even harming the body at times to achieve the look they desire. Not all models will put the body through harsh dieting routines, but many of them do. Many in the industry will take times of eating only fruits and veggies to keep the diet super low in fat content.

Have you followed Naomi Campbell in her career? Have you heard about her stand against breast cancer and her work with similar charities to make the difference in women’s lives? We would love to hear about your thoughts and comments about Naomi!

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