Monique Coleman Weight

How Much Does Monique Coleman Weigh?

Monique Coleman weighs close to 135 pounds.


How Tall is Monique Coleman?

Monique Coleman is approximately 5’3” in height.


What is Monique Coleman’s Bra Size?

Monique’s bra size is a 34C.

About Monique Coleman’s weight:

Monique Coleman is an American singer and dancer. She loves to act and is best known for her role in High School Musical. She has also appeared in Dancing with the Stars at a young age. She has also starred in a variety of other shows and movies including Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Secret of the Lost Kingdom, Bones, and Gimme Mo.

Being a part of the UN Youth Champion, Monique works with the younger generation presenting ideas to overcome things facing youth today. One major area of concern for our youth today is climbing obesity rates. Information is given to the younger generation on how they can create change in their lives as well as other’s lives.

Eating healthy to have optimal weight is important. Obesity among the young is becoming an epidemic in our nations. Skipping fast foods and taking a few minutes to know what you are putting in your mouth is needed. Emphasis is being placed on keeping fat intake at healthy levels as well as becoming more active.

Sports are a great way to increase exercise habits, as well as walking with friends on a regular basis. There is some type of activity for each and every person from every walk of life. Monique also provides youth with ideas to increase publications to make a difference around the world.

Monique Coleman supports the youth of today and believe they have the power to create positive change in the world we live. They are the next generation who will become role models for those in generations to come!

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