Matthew Perry Weight

Matthew PerryHow Much Does Matthew Perry Weigh?

Matthew Perry weighs close to 175 pounds.


How Tall is Matthew Perry?

Matthew Perry is approximately 6’0” in height.


About Matthew Perry’s weight:

Matthew Perry is an American and Canadian who holds dual citizenship. Perry enjoys acting, directing, writing, and producing. One of the most famous series Perry is noted for is playing as Chandler Bing in the sitcom Friends. Matthew has also played in some of the following films: Three to Tango, Serving Sara, Fools Rush In, The Whole Ten Yards, and Birds of America.

Perry has also appeared in a variety of television shows. Some of them include Highway to Heaven, Empty Nest, Who’s the Boss, Beverly Hills, 90210, Scrubs, Children’s Hospital, and Cougar Town. His career portfolio also includes being voice for a variety of video games.

Matthew has struggled with his weight over the years. Some of the struggle apparently is due to addiction problems while some is from having health issues. The rollercoaster ride of weight gain and weight loss is not a healthy one. Overcoming life’s struggles is extremely important to winning over weight issues.

Do you follow Matthew Perry in his acting career? Do you feel he needs more help to straighten his life out and become healthier in the area of weight control? Celebrity Weigh In wants to hear your weight related comments!

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