Mark Salling Weight

How Much Does Mark Salling Weigh?

Mark Salling weighs close to 175 pounds.


How Tall is Mark Salling?

Mark Salling is approximately 5’10” in height.

About Mark Salling’s weight:

Mark Wayne Salling is viewed as one of the Sexiest and Hottest Men in the year 2011. He is musically inclined and loves to play the piano, guitar, bass, as well as the drums. He created songs for his album known as Pipe Dreams.  He is also known for his role in the film Glee.

Although Mark Salling was homeschooled, he was heavily involved in wrestling during his lifetime. He has always been fit and healthy. He did have knee surgery a few months before the film shooting of Glee. Mark weighs in at around 175 pounds which is average for his height.

Wrestlers must maintain their weight and generally will follow the Wrestlers Diet. Focus on nutrition is a serious matter. The players will either need to gain some weight, or lose weight to be in the proper class. Many will drink skim milk for protein, add lots of fresh fruits to their diet, as well as drink plenty of water. Those who wrestle will also maintain variety in the eating plans. This will include healthy breads, potatoes, as well as egg whites.

Exercise is also important for any athlete in the field. They will normally undergo an exercise schedule which will include intense training, lifting some weights, doing cardio, as well as other modes of body building.

Mental focus and clarity are an important part of life for Mark Salling. Keeping clear mental faculties allows him to stay focused on song writing, acting, and living in life. Mark Salling knows what it takes to be named the sexiest and hottest man of the year!

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