Joe Jonas Weight

How Much Does Joe Jonas Weigh?

Joe Jonas weighs close to 140 pounds.


How Tall is Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas is approximately 5’11” in height.



About Joe Jonas’ weight:

Joe Jonas will be twenty-three years old this year and holds a very busy schedule singing, acting, and dancing.  Being a member of the Jonas Brothers band also keeps him in the eye of many.

Does Joe Jonas have the time to think about his weight? He is on the road, filming, making new recordings, as well as doing many other things in life as well as dating.

How important is dieting at this age? Eating healthy and exercising is important at nearly any age in life. It is important to stay away from heavy fats and high calories. Joe understands the importance of eating fresh fruits and veggies as well as taking some time to keep a light exercise routine.

Joe Jonas loves to eat ice cream. Rumor has it that two of his favorite flavors are cotton candy, and mint chocolate chip. We have also heard the he loves Slurpee’s from the 7-11 store as well as eating Hero sandwiches. Joe Jonas loves to eat a nice, juicy steak, and other high protein meal options. His favorite grain cereal is that of Cheerios.

Although he likes these things, in years past he was diagnosed with diabetes and has to follow a serious diet most of the time. He has to watch his blood sugar levels to keep his health in check.  Now, he looks for sugar-free versions of his favorite foods.  When it comes to drinking soda, we have heard that he prefers to drink Diet Dr. Pepper, or Diet Coke.

Joe Jonas keeps his weight in check along with his diet. He does not necessarily follow a rigid exercise program at this time. Although, he does like to get out and take a nice walk on occasion as well as get some light exercise. Keeping his health in check is very important in his life!


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  2. its actually nick who has diabetes not Joe

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