Joan Collins Weight

How Much Does Joan Collins Weigh?

Joan Collins weighs close to 135 pounds.


How Tall is Joan Collins?

Joan Collins is approximately 5’6” in height.


What is Joan Collins’ Bra Size?

Joan’s bra size is a 36D.

About Joan Collins’ weight:

Joan Collins is a well-known British actress as well as author. Joan is nearing eighty years old and still looks fabulous! She is around 135 pounds at a height of five foot, six inches. At the age of 22, she went to Hollywood and began playing in several film roles.

Joan Collins holds many roles including Batman, Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, Island in the Sun, Dynasty, Roseanne, as well as Will & Grace. In the United Kingdom, Joan was the pin-up girl for some time.  She is also involved in magazine publishing including The Spectator. Joan has been an active participant in many children’s charities as well as written a variety of books.

So, how does Joan Collins stay so nice looking? She grew up in a family who loves dancing. In her early years, it is very possible that she would spend time with her mother in the dance studio. This took dedication and also an eye to stay fit.

Staying very active is a part of Joan’s life. She is busy with book writing, staring, and being guests on television shows, working in the theatre, working with children in different organizations. Joan is always on the move and probably eats very small portions.

There is no doubt that Joan probably spends some time each day exercising. It would be easy for her to do some stretching along with using light exercise weights. Walking is also an easy thing and she loves to get out into the fresh air of the day. Exercising and eating right should be a natural part of life!

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