Jennifer Lawrence Weight

arrives at the "Hunger Games" Premiere

How Much Does Jennifer Lawrence Weigh?

Jennifer Lawrence weighs close to 135 pounds.


How Tall is Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence is approximately 5’7” in height.


What is Jennifer Lawrence’s Bra Size?

Jennifer’s bra size is a 34B.

About Jennifer Lawrence’s weight:

Jennifer Lawrence is also known as Jennifer Shrader Lawrence. She is a popular actress in America. In her beginnings, she played roles in The Bill Engvall Show as well as Winter’s Bone, and Burning Plain. She is one of the youngest people to be nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress. For Jennifer’s age, she is very talented and holds a lovely figure.

Currently in her young twenties, Jennifer probably does not really think too much about the food she eats. She is still young and can enjoy eating different types of foods in her busy lifestyle. She is well aware of living a pretty healthy lifestyle since she has assisted her family during kid’s camps as an assistant nurse.

Jennifer loves to stay active in her life. She is well aware of the need to eat a balanced diet while working many long hours and being a young celebrity. Her latest adventure is working on The Hunger Games. Through this work in Hollywood, she is seen as one of the hottest of all chicks in the city. In 2014, she is scheduled to work on production of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

So, do you think Jennifer is a vegetarian, or vegan? Do you think she uses any type of celebrity diets on a regular basis? Or, do you think her youth alone keeps her slim for now?  Do you know if Jennifer takes the time to go to the gym, or works with a personal trainer?

Please let us know if you follow Jennifer Lawrence and what your thoughts are!

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